Video Consulting for Music Manufacturing companies

Do you serve customers and clients who don’t value your work and would rather race to the bottom to pay someone else that is cheaper?

Are you sick of not being able to predict the reach of your new music product?

Problem - You don’t want to spend a ton of money producing a product that musicians wont buy, but you need to spend enough money to keep prices affordable for musicians. Wouldn’t it be great to have a way of knowing how much interest the music community has in your product before you launch full scale production and possibly lose money?

Video is a powerful weapon to show your product to your perspective tribe. Having knowledge of the excitement level of the market is incredibly valuable to you as a music and audio manufacturing company. It allows you to have a better idea on pricing before you launch.

Working with Mason fast tracked our in house production. His POV on what must be changed inteligently took into account what we already have and used that as a starting point. The result was tangible in days and we saved time and money in the process. Great job.
— Rok Gulik, cofounder of Ollo Audio

My Beard Somehow Spawned a Tiny Rainbow - Colorized. circa 2019

My Beard Somehow Spawned a Tiny Rainbow - Colorized. circa 2019


My name is Mason Bayne, and I specialize in knowing how to make branded content for music and audio manufacturing companies. Im firstly a music composer and secondly a Producer/Editor for video content. What does this mean to you? It means that I know how to sell to myself and to other musicians.

Read about my philosophy on the intersection of Music and Video editing

Let’s say you want to bring a synthesizer to market. You hire a local video production company to film your labor of love and then what? You sell audio equipment and people want to hear it. You hire someone to write music using the synth or have someone in house cover it. They create a fantastic 5 minute evolving generative sequence that encapsulates the audio fidelity of your unit and you send it to the video production company. The production company fights back because they want to use this track that they love off of The Music Bed. The song is great, but it has nothing to do with your synthesizer. Frustration builds on both ends and eventually they slap the music on the video. The music can be cool and the video can even be cool, but they don’t work together. The song is 5 minutes and the video is 1:30. It’s impossible to enjoy the wonder of the music with such a short video. Tensions build on both ends until you finally end with a lackluster video.

Being the middle person for the video production company and the composer can be a hassle. This is where I make your life easy. I love writing music and I love making videos. This means that I can do both for your company and make the process seamless. It also means that I can guide others to make content that works for your company.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible brands. Music is my passion and I would love to connect and work with your company as well.

Keith Groover invented a brand new instrument called the glide. During the time of the video production, he was the only glide player in the world. I consulted him on ideas of how we could incorporate the glide into a visual form to get people excited about his new instrument. He composed a track that we made into a video. We recorded it in one take and overlaid his voice explaining what was happening. Because we spent a little time on preproduction, we were able to keep costs low on production and post production.

When I was working on the final design touches for The Glide and thinking about going public, I never seriously considered any other person besides Mason Bayne to help me unveil it to the world. I knew his combination of musical passion, creativity, and love of technology would translate into exactly what I was looking for. He not only helped me realize my idea, he offered me new ones that I didn’t expect, collaborated with me to shape the messaging, the music, and the feel, and went several extra miles to ensure that we were proud of the final product and were able to get it to the eyeballs that needed to see it. In the end I got a video that I’m still very proud of, have recommended him to others, and plan on using him and his team again.
— Keith Groover

Keith went on to win the Guthman New Instrument competition against other amazing musical innovations such as Geoshred.

Part of consulting businesses that sell to musicians is that I am not always the person to film your product. I worked with Red Room Audio to use footage that they had captured in house and implemented a thematic motion graphics trailer for the launch of the company.